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Home appliance manufacturer NEFF, renowned for its passion for cooking and intuitive kitchen appliances, celebrates over 140 years of creativity in the kitchen with the production of more than one million Slide&Hide® ovens.

To bring cooks even closer to their cooking, NEFF released the unique Slide&Hide® oven in 2002. To ensure cooking enthusiasts always receive the best possible oven that helps brings their dishes to life, the oven’s mechanism is consistently and rigorously tested, accumulating 3 million test cycles to date.

As you comfortably grip and rotate the handle, the fully retractable door disappears under the oven cavity, so that nothing gets in the way of cooking – not even the oven door. This gives you full access to your oven so that your lovingly prepared dishes can be basted, tasted and checked to satisfaction at any time – all without losing oven space.

Dare to go create bigger and bolder dishes with the Slide&Hide®’s generous inside space, whilst the disappearing door means it fits into any kitchen, no matter the size.

Over the decades, the range of NEFF ovens has been continuously perfected to inspire new generations of cooking aficionados. From revolutionising cooking and baking with CircoTherm® technology to redefining dishes with steam cooking features, NEFF has created features that will get the creative juices of passionate foodies going.