Kitchens in Andover? Come to Saxon Designs

If you are looking for kitchens in Andover then you need to come to speak to us at Saxon Designs.

Bring us your ideas, design requirements and pictures and we will happily talk them through with you then together we will arrive at a design that will give you the kitchen of your dreams.

Whether you decide on a kitchen from our standard range or one that is hand made bespoke, the design will be customised to your requirements and life style.

You have a choice of doors that are available in styles from traditional to modern and can be made from a range of materials including:

  • solid wood
  • acrylic
  • factory sprayed
  • hand painted
  • vinyl wrapped
  • laminated.

Combine that with a range of worktop choices that include:

  • various composite stones
  • granite
  • solid wood
  • acrylic
  • glass
  • ceramic
  • laminated


Ivory and Dark Granite Glass Gas Hob